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March 3, 2010
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Being prepared for last battle by Ade-AndaRio Being prepared for last battle by Ade-AndaRio

WARNING, if you are following Fullmetal Alchemist's manga and you haven't seen the chapter 103, this pic can be a great SPOILER. So that you don't extend the drawing and don't read this description either.

It has been difficult but finally I have managed to finish the birthday's gift for my sister *Ladyascar She liked so much the pic which I did about her Fullmetal's OC and Scar together, and I thought that I might make another one and also try to overcome myself improving my skills. But though I had a good idea I have remained with the sensation that this is not what was looking for.
After reading the chapter 103 of the manga I wanted to do something that have relation with the topic of Scar's tattooes. I mean, that I asked myself the way in which he would make them "How and when". I don't know if Ed knows anything about this but I didn't want to risk, so only I draw Marcoh as the only official character and witness of that Scar's secret. And for honoring Lika I offered the opportunity of that was herself who was drawing these tattooes helping herself with the notes of Marcoh and the Scar's brother.
Actually I have never been very interested in the way in how they are done but I tried to find out on the traditional procedure (the place is too humble for have the last technologies in machines for tattoo XD).

If you want the information of her OC visit her name-card fan art: [link]

Scar: I don't believe that this is necessary. I don't think that I will use it in the battle; I don't need it.
Lika: This might be a good point for you and you would have advantage in your enemy. Then you will have to give your thanks to Marcoh-san and me later.
Marcoh: You are doing a good work in spite of the fact that you said that only you were accustomed to cutting meat, not drawing on it.


Advertencia, si estás siguiendo el manga de Fullmetal Alchemist y no has visto el capítulo 103 esto puede ser un gran SPOILER. De modo que no ampliéis el dibujo ni leáis esta descripción.

Ha sido difícil pero por fin he conseguido terminar el regalo de cumpleaños para mi hermana *Ladyascar Como le gustó tanto el dibujo que hice de su OC de Fullmetal pensé que podría hacer otro más y de paso intentar superarme a mí misma mejorando mi técnica. Pero aunque tenía una buena idea me he quedado con la sensación de que esto no es lo que buscaba.

Después de leer el capítulo 103 del manga quise hacer algo que tuviera algo que ver con el tema de los tatuajes de Scar. Me refiero a que me pregunté el modo en que se los haría y cuando. No sé si Ed sabe nada de esto pero no quise arriesgarme, así que sólo dibuje a Marcoh como único personaje oficial y testigo de este secreto de Scar. Y para homenajear a Lika le ofrecí el honor de que fuera ella quien dibujara estos tatuajes ayudándose con los apuntes de Marcoh y el hermano de Scar. En realidad nunca he estado muy interesada en la manera en cómo se hacen pero intenté informarme sobre el procedimiento tradicional (el lugar es demasiado humilde para disponer de las últimas tecnologías en aparatos para tatuar XD).

Si queréis la información de su OC visitad su name-card fan art: [link]

Scar: No sé si esto es necesario. No creo que lo llegue a usar.
Lika: Esto podría ser un buen punto a tu favor y contarías con ventaja. Luego tendrás que darnos las gracias a Marcoh-san y a mí.
Marcoh: Estás haciendo un buen trabajo a pesar de que dijiste que sólo estabas acostumbrada a cortar carne, no a dibujar sobre ella.

Yaruin Lika Heckler © :iconladyascar: & :iconade-andario:
Fullmetal Alchemist, Scar & Tim Marcoh © Hiromu Arakawa
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I have no words, only standing ovation ^ - ^ I always wondered who painted it on the second hand alhimichesuyu tattoo, although I suspect that this is Tim Marcoh, but who knows Oo But I'm glad that you have painted such a wonderful fanart with Lika and Scar)) very much, so many different shades, as well as bud that was in the manga and anime, but Lika was in the background
Upsy! I almost left this message reaches one year!!! O.o ^^; But I couldn't leave it unanswered since you've been very nice with this comment :love: My apologizes :blushes:

I also suspect it might be Tim Marcoh who tattooed Scar's arm. If you remember Marcoh tattooed his hands before facing Envy, it shows he has knowledge of tattooing. Since he was traveling with Scar for long time in the manga, before the Promised Day, it's possible that at some point Scar would decided to resort to him, thanks to Scar's brother diary on which were written all the necessary knowledge for reconstruction alchemy.
If I would modify this pic, I would make it was Marcoh who was tattooing and Lika looking instead. I think this would be more logical :nod:
Thanks for your kind comment! :aww:

"Marcoh: You are doing a good work in spite of the fact that you said that only you were accustomed to cutting meat, not drawing on it."

LOL! :) ;) :D Good one! I'm really starting to like Lika (Especially with Scar! ;) ) and all the good work you've put into her and your art!
Upsy! I almost left this message reaches one year!!! O.o ^^; But I couldn't leave it unanswered since you've been very nice with this comment :love: My apologizes :blushes:

I'm glad you start to like Lika (as well as a Scar's mate, since they are an unconventional and odd couple ^^; XDDD). It makes me happy that people like my OC :aww:
Thank you so much, Karen :hug:
He he! You're welcome! Lika's a great character, and I think it's an awesome idea, Scar having a love interest. You've made it very in character and believable! :) 
Of course, Scar needs love too! But the most important it's keep it in character as you said.
If you say that I have achieved that, then I feel very happy and satisfied with my job :love:
GloomKeeper Mar 24, 2013  Student Digital Artist
¿Es que la sangre en el tejido junto al libro?
De todos modos, gran arte, creo que Lika es cool.
Cicatriz es un gran personaje.
Son gasas manchadas con sangre al limpiar Lika donde está tatuando. Como ves, al lado del otro brazo de Scar (o Cicatriz) hay una caja con pañuelos de usar y tirar. Observé que los tatuadores limpian donde recién punzan ya que la sangre y la tinta sobrante de la aguja no dejan ver bien el dibujo que se hace sobre la piel.
Me alegro que te gustara este dibujo y que pienses que Lika es cool :happycry: Eso significa mucho para mí.
Sí, yo también creo que Scar es un gran personaje ^^
GloomKeeper Mar 24, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Oh, eso tiene sentido. También hay algunos tejidos en el suelo, ya veo. Tu Bienvenido! Tengo mi propio carácter todavía tengo que dibujar, no soy muy bueno en anime. Scar necesita más amor! La gente simplemente no lo entiendo ... :(
Bit...odd that she can read ancient Ishvalan...

Well, despite the OC, it's still a nice scene. Marcoh doesn't get nearly enough love. <3
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